Friday, July 31, 2009

A bunny?!?!?

I think I've lost my mind! My daughter and I went to the mall today and stopped at the pet store "just to look". Oh, boy! There were LionHead bunnies in the window. They were SOOOO cute. We went inside to look at the puppies and I started asking the clerk about the bunnies. My daughter and I looked at each other and just had to have one. We didn't buy the bunny right then...I wanted to talk to my husband first. When we got home, dd started researching LionHeads. By the time my husband arrived home, she was armed with all kinds of information, including the cost of a cage.

After we discussed it, we decided we would go back to the pet store and hold one just to see how friendly they were. We were hooked. We bought the bunny and then bought the cage! She's so sweet. Hope she stays that way!

On another note, I got to the quilt store today and bought the rest of the fabric for my frog wall hanging. I even got the courthouse step blocks finished. Huge compliment from dd she likes them and thinks I should make a full size quilt out of the same fabrics!

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