Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!!! I am sick and tired of being unhealthy, tired and fat. It ends today and I hope this will help...I'll be accountable to all you who read this. I will post musing about my journey to health, my kids, my dog, my husband, quilting, books I read, etc.

I feel like I really got the ball rolling yesterday. My daughter and I kept so busy that I had no time for snacking. I guess that's my ticket to health. OK, so I had french toast for breakfast, but I only had one snack yesterday and that was a bowl of fruit. OK, OK, so I had a margarita, too, but I skipped the DQ my family had after Mass.

Anyway, today will be another busy day. My daughter just turned 15 and is having 3 friends sleep over. I need to hit the grocery store (I promise to buy healthy stuff), and get some cleaning done. Sure hope I have time to get some quilting in, too.

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