Friday, August 14, 2009

Live for Today

Well, I've been down for 5 days fighting a cold that has been making the rounds in my family. I wonder why we call it "fighting" a cold? It's not like you can really knock it out with one good hit....believe me, I tried. The only thing that worked was good old TIME. Feeling much better now.

Of course, now I'm behind on everything. The house is in dire need of a good cleaning, my daughter is lacking in driving practice, and my quilting is so far behind I wonder if I'll ever catch up.

My new found motto is "There is only TODAY". I like that. I'm only focusing on what I can accomplish today, not what I failed at yesterday (or weeks or years ago) and not what is ahead for me. I only get to "do" this day once, so I plan on doing it right.

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