Sunday, August 9, 2009

Toy society

I'm so excited! Through a blog I've been reading for several months, I discovered The Toy Society ( It's a wonderful, fill the world with happiness concept. You simply make a toy and drop it in a location where someone will find it and adopt it. Imagine the smile on a child's (or adult's) face when they find this wonderful creature that someone lovingly created simply to give another human pleasure! I can't wait to make and drop my first toy!

I spent a good portion of friday finishe most of my frog wall hanging...all I need now is a green fabric marker to complete the eye.....picture will follow.

We have been slowly passing a cold around my's my turn now. UGH! I hope that we all have gotten rid of these germs before we go visit my parents.

My son and I are now trying to make rock candy. So far all we have are two jars of flavored sugar water with sticks in the center. Hope it works. He's excited by the idea and already talking about making more.

That's all for now.....I must head to my studio and start on my first toy.

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