Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're home!

It's been a busy few days since arriving home from Indiana. The kids and I have been doing last minute school shopping as well as, getting unpacked and all the laundry done.

I finished Yes Man this morning.....I've tried to say "yes" today, but I didn't do all that well. My kids have been digging into the books and videos from when they were small....dd came up with a pile of Arthur and Berenstein Bear books in her arms wanting me to read them. (Mind you, she's 15). I put her off so that I could finish the quilting I was in the middle of and of course, when I asked her if she really wanted me to read the books she had lost interest. Might have been fun to re-read those stories. I spent SOOO much time reading those books to her before she could read to herself.

I've got a few days to finish up some quilts before I "go to work". Not really leaving the house, but I will start building my stock of journal cover once the kids go back to school. Hope I can find the discipline to work everyday.

That's all for now....the kitchen is calling (time to start supper).

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