Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's been awhile....

WOW! Can't believe I've let this go so long.....we've been sick.  We think (hope?) two of us have had THE flu. I'd like to think we were hit with the "piggy" and it wasn't as bad as the media makes it sound.
Anyway, I really do intend on blogging a little more consistently, but do I really need to have pictures with every post-I think not. Use your imagination.

Had our third woodcarving class last night.....we're carving a deer. Mine's not going so well......the blank started with 8-yes, that's right 8- legs.  I lopped off 4 of the legs just like I was supposed to do, now I'm having a terrible time separating the legs that are left.  I really do think I'll stick with faces--no legs that way.

That's all.