Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A snow storm makes me feel.....

So, the one minute writing prompt, asks what I feel in a rain or snow storm.  A rain storm is still apt to cause me anxiety.....I will never forget the image of a little child sized chair floating around in our old basement. 

A snow storm, on the other hand, makes me want to curl up with a handmade quilt in front of a fire and just BE.  Unfortunately, we don't have the fire place (hope to have a gas one soon, which isn't really the same as a woodburning one, but it will do). We do have lots of quilts though.  So many, in fact the I am beginning to think maybe I had better start giving them away.  The joy of the process is simply too strong to give it up.

I completed this mini top during the SuperBowl----yes, I do not watch the SuperBowl.  I may turn this one into a tote bag-useful and I get to show off one of my creations. As you can see by the second photo, the blocks are really small.

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