Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Again?!?!? REALLY?????

And so here we are again....fighting the Red River of the North.  The river is rising about 1 inch per hour.  Predicted crest is 38 feet on saturday.  It came so fast again.  But if we beat 40+ feet last year we can easily beat 38.  Weather outlook for the next week is favorable-no precip and dropping back below freezing for a few days. Yay! ( Who would think I'd be happy to drop below freezing in March?!?)  I truly am ready for spring, but patience is a virtue and in this case, it will help the cities of Fargo/Moorhead win the battle once again.
 I am worn out from the stress and waiting for this event to happen-still wondering why the media started hyping the flood so many weeks ago.  Our city leaders have done an amazing job at planning and preparation. 
 Ahh, that feels better to get this off my mind!

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  1. I was just thinking the same thing - here we go again. Not that we get that sort of flooding in my area (east central MN) but that it's all over the local news. Also, one guy stated that he lived by the river for the view and the flooding doesn't happen that often - this too will pass and keep up the good spirits - I will be thinking of you! Lisa