Friday, March 26, 2010

From Bad to Worse to Ahhhh, Friday

This has been a looong week. Monday started out great! Got the family off to work and school and realized just how much I like being at home (no babysitting for me for two weeks).

And then TUESDAY!!! Discovered that my son is flunking 3 of 5 classes and has a C and D in the remaining 2. The C is acceptable.  So, once again he lost the use of the computer and his Xbox.  He seems to think the best way to fill his down time now is to pester his sister.  UGH!!! "Calgon, take me away!"

Wednesday found us with two dentist appointments.  My husband went in the morning only to come home with the "happy news" that he needs a root canal--now this wouldn't thrill me (there goes Daughter's car), but I was furious because, once again, he couldn't be bothered to go in for his regular cleanings for THE PAST THREE YEARS!!!! Who does that?  The last time he neglected the cleanings he ended up in agony and also needed a root canal.  Then Daughter had a cleaning in the afternoon-she's really good about flossing and brushing-she has a cavity.

On the up side, I've lost 7.5 pounds since Ash Wed!! Yay, for me!!!  And I got Son's room cleaned-not a small task!! Must be time for some quilting.

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  1. Hi there, found your site after looking at another site! Sorry that your week turned out so stressful, but congrats on the weight loss! I had a busy week, Dr. appts., picking up daughter from college (she was ill) I am also watching what I am eating. Lost about 10 pounds over the last month! Good luck to you and hope you have a better week this week. Would love to see some of your work! Hope you stop by my site and say hello.