Friday, March 5, 2010


Whew!! This Lent, I am truly taking to heart the notion of almsgiving.  I sorted through my fabric and decided I could part with almost half of it. You know, the pieces that I liked when I bought them and now don't like at all.  Anyway, over the past few weeks I have turned that fabric into four quilt tops that I will give to my mother-in-law, who will take them to her church where they will be finished and sent off to an organization that sends them where they are needed (right now most are going to Chile and Haitti).  Funny thing is, now that those ugly fabrics have been turned into tops......I like them!!!

It's been fun making tops for someone I don't know, but whom I know needs the warmth and comfort that the quilt will bring. between sewing and ironing, I've been working on an Irish Chain.  Just got my copy of Bonnie Hunter's new book Adventures with Leaders and Enders. LOVE IT!!! Can't believe how many twosies I got done today!

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  1. That's very giving of you! It's is fun to see how your fabric can turn into something special. Best, Lisa