Monday, April 26, 2010

Where the wind blows......

Well, here she is......A-1....the first block of my Dear Jane quilt.  As you can see, I haven't squared her up yet, but I'm happy to have finally gotten started.

We had a rough few days last week with "the boy"--he's been failing two of his classes. He's a smart kid, just doesn't turn in the homework that he actually does.  One of his teachers told us his only problem is that he is unorganized.  Well, guess what, he's not alone.  I've been doing some reading and boys are simply not wired to multi-task.  Boys in middle school have to be able to do that.  So, we will begin to help him learn how to be organized.  Oh, boy!!! This will not be an easy task for me as I am not the most organized person around.  Maybe unorganized is not the right term for me...more like unscheduled.  I think I could use a secretary or boss who tells me when to do a stay-at-home mom with no kids home during the day, I am my own boss.  No schedule here...just go where the wind blows me.  And the wind is now blowing me to my studio.......


  1. I like this block. I have heard of Dear Jane quilts, but never seen one. I will search it after posting.

    I have a daughter and was lucky to not have difficulty with her. She was always (still is) an easy child. I have many friends with boys and they tell stories just like yours. Those with older sons say that it is a trying time, but they grow out of it. This too shall change.

  2. My 2nd grader is pretty darned disorganized, and we already have homework issues. It isn't that he doesn't want to do it - he loves school and enjoys homework - he just forgets his assignments at school regularly, so we end up calling a friend to get the spelling words or math word problems or whatever. And I can't really blame him because I'm disorganized, too. I'm hoping we can nip this early, so if you find anything that works, please pass along the advice!

    And since I am reading your posts backwards, I know he is doing better now, so congrats on that!