Monday, May 3, 2010

Fast Moving Train

This train, called life, is moving so fast I'm just now catching up.  I dawned on me last night that my husband and I have now been together just over 20 years (we will celebrate our 19 wedding anniversary in June).  We are the parents of 2 TEENAGERS!!! How and when, exactly did this happen?  Maybe it's my upcoming birthday that made me think about this. Of course, just last week my kids had to remind me that I will be 43 NOT 44...YIKES, I'm aging myself faster than I need to!

The Boy is now passing ALL of his classes!!! YAY for him!! He's also agreed to try some of the organizational ideas that I have been reading up on. 

No quilting got done over the weekend and probably none today. My duties as a homemaker are calling.....


  1. Congrats on the almost 20 years with the husband. That is way longer than most marriages today. So glad the boy is doing better in school You will get to the quilting when you can - it will always be there - family might not!

  2. we are pushing 30, that is over 1/2 our adult lives (actually ALL of our adult life, we wed at 20) I will have to get caught up on your posts after a bit. I am looking around to see who else from quiltblog is getting new blogs. be good cheryl