Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rant and backing

I finally made it to the fabric store today to find backing for the baby quilt I am going to try to sell on  It was a rather frustrating experience....I walked in and the clerk said, "oh, you made a quilt." I said, "yep, and now I'm looking for backing." Sounds pretty simple right? WRONG!! The clerk proceeded to lead me around for an HOUR "helping" me.....uh, did I ask for help? I. Don't. Think. So.  I know she was trying to be helpful, but she had absolutely no eye for color.  If I had been looking unassisted, I'd have been in and out in 20-30minutes. 

Anyway, I ended up with two peices for the backing and now I can't decide which one to use. It's hard to see the print of the dotted looking one, it's actually small triangles and tiny dots. That's the one I think I want to use as backing, the stripe was what I had planned on using as binding(that was before I found the backing). My other backing is the same white/cream I used in the background of the quilt. Any thoughts?
Thanks for "listening" to my rant. 


  1. I blew up the photo so I could 'see' the print better. IMHO-a bit on the pink side and too busy. I love the 'binding' fabric. I would suggest going with a solid on the back , either the tan, or white (I would perfer tan- or any color you used on the front that you like) Looks great, someone is getting a lovely keepsake.- cw

  2. Pretty quilt! I agree with Cheryl, I like the solid backing.

  3. Wonderful quilt! I've been wanting to make one with shadows for some time now.