Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Decisions

Yesterday, we made our annual trip to the Shriner's Hospital in St. Paul.  Nothing new. The Girl's feet remain status quo. Surgery on her left toe is left up to us/her. She's not sure she wants the surgery as she is not experiencing any pain....yet. We will no longer be eligible for Shriner's care when she turns 18--not so far away. I see her point-why put her through the pain and recovery when the foot is fine now, but what about in 10 years-then the financial burden is on her.  Lot's to think about. (Background: she was born with bi-lateral club foot...basically her feet were both deformed and had we not gone through a series of casts and three surgerys she would not be walking. Amazing what they can do!! I'm often struck by the miracle of seeing her run and walk.)

Wedding quilt needs two more sides of the binding sewn on...I PROMISE to put up a picture after it's been washed!!!!

The wedding is this saturday. We were just invited to the rehearsal dinner. The Girl is her personal attendant. So we have a busy rest of the week. Softball tonight and tomorow then wedding. 

Better get that binding finished!


  1. Son Kevin has one tooth in the front that is cock-eyed. Not bad, but not perfect, either. When I took him to the orthodontist Kevin said he didn't want braces, and the Dr. said if he doesn't want them he won't take care of them. Now he really wishes he'd one it. It's a pain to go through the surgery, I'm sure, but it might save her a lifetime of pain. You have a busy week! Stitching at 1 am Sat. morning?

  2. I agree with you - have it done and taken care of now. But it's a tough decision for anyone! Good Luck! Lisa

  3. Lisa, you might want to explain to your daughter, if you haven't already, that she may never be able to get medical insurance to cover any care for her feet due to them being a pre-existing condition. Surgery of any kind will probably bankrupt her if she has to pay for it herself. Surgery will be a lot of pain now, but will her foot get better if left alone? If not, get it taken care of now while she can get Shriner's care.

  4. Sorry, Trish. I was thinking Lisa when I wrote the above comment. 8-(