Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Counting Down

>Twent-eight days until this needs to be finished and in the mail....I am hand appliqueing this one...I have 7 more fish to go.

>How many more days (weeks, months, years) until I finish this one. Hand piecing this one. This one will have to wait a while.

>And....gulp.....TWO more days until The Girl gets her driver's license....I think I am in a state of shock and denial. Where did the years go?!?!?


  1. My baby just got her license! She is 19 and has never wanted to drive. She had to get it so she could go to work. I was worried sick and then I found out how nice it was to have her run errands!! Love the fishes and your other hand work. What a brave woman to do so much hand piecing.

  2. That fish one is so cute! I think it will be darling when it's done. That other one is going to be a wonderful quilt. I give you credit for doing all the hand work on those. It is scary to not have control over your kids any more when they're behind the wheel, but our 4 never had a serious accident.

  3. You are so ambitious to be doing both hand applique and hand piecing! Much more patience than I have. It's beautiful work. Having an extra driver around can be a true blessing--while she runs errands for you, you can get more quilting done!