Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am heartbroken. My beautiful girl did not pass her driver's test. She had a perfect score until the parallel parking. She hit a pole.

But, "ain't she cute?"


  1. She is a real cutie! I'm assuming this is not who failed her driving test.

  2. If you're heartbroken, how does she feel? This can be devastating for a teen, but lesson learned. She'll not hit the post the next time she take the test, right? And she IS a real cutie!

  3. I didn't pass my first time, mom told me it was b/c I was driving a sporty car (a purple 1971 baraccuda) and all the teens who had their own cars never pass. (sure couldn't be because I drove the wrong way down a one way street-lol)
    Or b/c I slammed on the brakes when the instructor said turn left, no make a right. I stopped and said, make up your mind- I did get honked at for that one.
    Remind her that driving is a responsibility not a priviledge, take her time and learn it right.
    With our teens the rule was if you got stopped or a ticket then you DID NOT get to use our veh. again. Not one in the four had any trouble until after out of our house. (Keeps the insurance rates down if they have good grades too) we also had a rule that if they took my car and changed the radio station they couldn't borrow it again.
    She will do better the next time, take her out around the block a few times, - good luck cw

  4. My baby girl didn't pass the first time she took her driving test. I taught her how to drive and forgot to teach her about the lights - low beam, regular lights, etc. She never even got to drive! Parallel parking is hard - she practiced for along time. Your baby will get it. I am sure she is more determined than ever.