Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogging is better than FaceBook

You ladies are great!!!!  Funny, I am on Face Book, with people who are my "friends", but I would never get the same sort of support from them that I do from you.  Thank you.  Must be a quilter thing.

Anyway, today was a little better than yesterday. We made some progress. Mom picked out a pattern and fabric. She even started cutting strips. She did get frustrated and yelled at me....either because she didn't understand or I didn't explain very well.  I've been quilting for so long that I forget how far I've come.....I'm self-taught, so my teaching technique may not be the best.

And, yes, she is on medication, but her new psychologist said she should be able to get off the she has taken it upon her self to start decreasing her dose. I don't think she's ready for that yet, nor should she be doing it on her own. 

I hate to admit this, but alot of the time I really don't like her. She's VERY judgemental and opinionated. She has to comment on EVERYTHING- from the way people drive to the local news stories. 

I came to the realization earlier this year that I do not need her approval and so I try to ignore those comments, but it's hard when they happen so frequently.

On a more positive note, The Girl has made great progress with her baby quilt. She completed 12 blocks today.  I was able to snap a picture (she really didn't want me to)...I will try to get some up later....not sure where I packed the camera cord. I'm really proud of her. I don't think she's caught the quilting bug yet, but maybe she will someday. I am proud to be her mom. She is smart and funny and more importantly, she is kind and caring.

I've probably rambled long enough....thanks again for "listening".


  1. It is sad when we have family that we just don't connect with the personality. one of my favorite verses is about our battles not being with flesh and blood. I remember that when I am around people that I just don't get. Remember to always act better than you are feeling. (Like we were taught if you can't say something nice....don't say anything at all). I tend to get annoyed at depressed b/c it is something that we can get control of when we want to. I have a friend that milks it for all she can with everyone except me. (yes I know it is a medical disorder, yes people can get help- one key is being open to the loved ones around you and trusting them to guide you in the journy.) enjoy the quilt project this week, when you see the finished piece you will have better memories of your time together. cw

  2. I think there are many of us, I know I am, a reaction to my mother. She was obsessive/compulsive and very controlling. I am laid back and don't have a germ fettich. I proudly say I can pet the dog and make supper without washing my hands. However, all four kids lived to adulthood and my grandkids like to come see me and are comfortable in my house - not something that could by said about my mom. When we moved my parents here I spent 4 years taking care of my elderly mom. She accepted losing control of a lot of things in her life, and I'm happy to say that the hurts of my childhood were healed. I hope you get that opportunity.

  3. You know, I've got some family members for whom it has taken me quite some time to learn how to interact - really what to react to and what to let slide right on by without notice. It's strange how people who have grown up together (I'm talking about a sibling, you can probably guess) can view everything, including their own shared past, so differently. Or respond so differently to the same challenges. But it is our differences that make us so special, so I am learning to embrace my sibling, even as I accept that I don't always like said sibling.