Thursday, August 12, 2010


We are making progress. The Girl finished the center of the baby I need to put a border on it.That will wait until I get home. It may be several weeks as my machine is in the shop awaiting a new light socket, which is backordered.
She wasn't crazy about having her picture taken.
Here's the top before she sewed the blocks together.
Mom has been doing much better. She has been taking her meds and I think she may have caught the quilting bug. YAY!!!  She is 1/4 of the way done with her blocks.


  1. Double yeah! For your daughter and those adorable pinwheels, and your mom who's doing better.

  2. Two more people with the quilting bug - I love it!

  3. Your daughter is a cutie and her blocks are bright and beautiful! I am glad to hear your Mother is doing better. Her blocks are wonderful also. I like the bright colors in both quilts.

  4. Great color combinations - yeah for your daughter and your mother. Thanks for sharing pics. Your daughter is a cutie too.! Bernie