Saturday, October 9, 2010

She's growing up....

The Girl is out on her first date tonight. It's homecoming. Thankfully, it is a group date, but nonetheless, it is a date with a boy. YIKES!!!  He seems to be a very nice boy...good manners...looked her dad and I in the eyes, shook our hands, etc. He brought flowers over to her this afternoon....she hadn't wanted a corsage, but he wanted to do something. Awww, how sweet(I know you're all saying that).

Anyway, here they are....check the shoes...she can't wear heels and I guess he thought he'd join her in wearing Converse.....he spray painted his to match...yes, he is man enough to wear pink shoes!!! I think I'm gonna like this boy!


  1. He may "seem" like a very nice boy, but I'm sure your husband has some thoughts about him as well! LOL They both look like they are ready to go out and have some fun! Ah, youth...