Monday, November 15, 2010

We have lights!!!

We will have lived in this house (which we had built) 2 years on the 26th of this month.  We opted to finish the basement (minus the kids bedrooms and a bathroom) on our own.  We finally got started. My hubby is so proud of himself...he installed 8 recessed lights this weekend (we had just 2 bare bulbs).

Next up is to put in outlets.  We are debating about adding a gas fireplace. My parents have offered to buy that for us, but we are unsure if it's worth the money as we are not sure how much time we will actually spend down there.  Our daughter wants a fireplace and she may be more likely to have friends over once the basement is finished, but she may only be living here for 3-5 more years. (YIKES!!! They grow up way  too fast).

Sure is nice to see some progress.


  1. We have a finished basement and it is where our family room, my sewing room, a craft room and a tanning bed are! We have a wood burning fireplace and I love it in the winter. If I get it going around 2 in the afternoon, it will warm up the entire downstairs and upstairs! Much cheaper than the propae we have to heat the house!

  2. My DH surprised me with a fake fireplace last year for my sewing room. It has a gorgeous cherry wood finish, and is made to fit in a corner. Although it has a fake fire (looks fairly real), it has a heater and blower and warms the room up quite nicely. It is portable so you can move it around and take it if you move. The home improvement stores all carry them. I love it!

  3. Yea! Let there be light! We have a small gas stove in our 3 season porch so we can use it in the winter and I love it! I would have preferred a wood burning stove but Don said he was finished with all the work and mess of burning with wood. I don't think you'll regret putting in a stove or fireplace--adds a lot of ambience to the space.

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