Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots going on......

WOW! Since my last post, a lot has happened.
>My parents came from IN for Christmas. They almost weren't able to make it home due to multiple blizzards.

>I've had an MRI on my shoulder...thinning tendon....whatever that means. Physical Therapy did no good. I plug along at the exercises and have some good days and some bad days.

>I reconnected with a Mom's group at my church. It's a great bunch of ladies and I can ALWAYS count on laughing Wednesday mornings.

>We (my dog and I) suffered through 3 weeks of workmen in and out as drywall was put up and taped and textured. I painted it a beachy/sky blue-very soothing. Followed by more men laying carpet in our now finished basement. OK, we still have to put in baseboards, but that will have to wait until spring when I can finish them in the garage.

>I finished a Double Irish Chain quilt top. Now I just have to figure out how I want to quilt it.

>Our son has been diagnosed with depression. That's been hard. It's only thanks to a phone call from one of his teachers that we took him to see a pediatrician. I was convinced he had ADD. He may, but the doctor thought we needed to get the depression under control first. It did not present as what I would call "typical" depression. He ( a teen boy) simply shuts down and avoids people. He's never seemed sad at home. I've struggled with guilt. Is it my fault? How could I not see it? Did I give him crappy genes (depression runs in my family)? He's been on medication for 2 weeks now and I'm not really seeing any results, but it can take as long as 6 weeks to kick in. Then there's the fear of side effects of anti-depressants on teens.

>We are preparing for yet another, possibly record breaking, spring flood. Who, in their right mind, would live in a dried up glacial lake bed? I. Do. Not. Know.  Guess we're not in our right minds- lol.

>I've taken to knitting socks as therapy for all that's going on....hurts my shoulder though. I just grin and bear it.


  1. My shoulders have been hurting lately, too. It's hard to find a comfy way to sleep, isn't it? I hope you get relief. Great things going on in your house! You'll love it when it's finished. Sorry about your son. My two daughters are both on anti-depressants, as I am. It's in our family, too. Hopefully it will help him and bring back some joy to his life.

  2. So much on your plate! I'm sorry about your son. My husband has an anxiety disorder, I would not be surprised if one of our kids ends up with one as well. Remember, there's no shame in it. You should be proud of yourself for getting your son help. I hope they can find the right treatment and that he gets better soon. Things like that are so hard to deal with as an adult, I can't imagine what it's like as a child. I have complete sympathy for you as a parent as well. Not an easy job at times, is it?