Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anxiety or the Spirit?

I belong to a mom's group at my church. Today, the discussion somehow turned to shyness. I got up my courage and spoke about how shy I am-even in that group (8-10 moms). I told the group that I often want to say something, but am too shy and how just the thought of speaking makes my heart pound. (I do suffer from Generalized Anxiety). One of the other mom's piped up and said, "It's the Holy Spirit prompting you". This same mom e-mailed me shortly after she got home and told me that what I say does matter, that I what I have to say may be just what another mom needs to hear at that time.  I love that. So next time I want to say something and my heart starts pounding I will try to remember that I NEED to speak up...the Holy Spirit is calling.

Do you listen when the Spirit prompts you?

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