Friday, April 8, 2011

Flood Fight 2011

This is one of those times of year when I wonder why I live here and at the same time I am reminded exactly why we live here. The mighty Red River of the north is on the rise again. The river is expected to crest between 39 and 40 feet on Sunday. In 2009 we had a record crest of 40.8 feet. That was a terrifying time...we had to leave our new home. The communities of Fargo/Moorhead came together and fought, literally, for our lives. Last year, we battled again. The rise has slowed, but from Tuesday to Thursday, the river rose 8 feet.

So, we live here because it is a true community. The high school students are a huge help in this fight--they are bussed from the schools to wherever they are needed and they throw sandbags. If you go here you can get a glimpse of the fight.(Hope that works, I couldn't figure out how to put the video up here like it was on FaceBook).

I thought I was handling this years flood OK, but I have found myself in tears several times today and eating anything that gets in my way.

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