Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strange things happening.....

Strange things happening to my google account. I tried to log into my Gmail and got a message that said my account had been temporarily disabled. Then I tried to log in here and was told my account had been removed. Now I was mad and upset!! There was some suspicious activity happening in my Gmail account. I finally got into the account to see that all the names in my address book had been sent some sort of email that had not been delivered. YIKES!!! Hope that doesn't mean that other info on my computer has been hacked!!!

Once back on Blogger I noticed that I had 12 followers. Oooo, another's ME!!! How did that happen??? Why would I follow myself? Had anyone else had this happen?


  1. Yes, I became my own follower. It was because I really didn't know what I was doing.

  2. I noticed last night that you had been dropped from following my blog. I thought it was a little strange, but hopefully you can get everything worked out. Its amazing that with everything going on in the world, folks have nothing better to do than hack someone's email. Good luck.

  3. I don't follow myself - sometimes I find myself a bit boring!!

    Glad you are back to normal with Google.

  4. I follow myself only so I can make sure my posts show up in the reader. Sometimes I've had problems with the post showing up on my blog, but not on the reader, which means that others don't get the notification of posting.