Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PHEW!! am I Tired!

Just a quick update....

>Went to a bridal shower on saturday...decided to make them a quilt after seeing their new apartment.(am I nuts-I have less than a month.....)
>The Boy has all passing grades!!!(still a couple of D's, so not totally acceptable, but at least he's passing--will be required to do some school work over the summer, determined by ME)
>The Girl had an orthodondist appt. this morning and we were told that because her bite has now turned into a (slight)underbite she will need jaw surgery and another year of braces. Excuse me, she's had the braces off for almost three years and is not having any pain-why would we spend $46,000 and put her through that trauma for vanities sake? I. Think. Not.
>Rearranged my front flower bed and added some iris and a flowering bush of some sort.
>Still not sure if I should quilt Mr. Rooster or simply frame him.  He's going to be hung in my kitchen. (by the way he was originally a painting by Picasso)


  1. I wouldn't put the girl through that, either. If she's happy, so be it. You'be been busy, and will be busier getting that quilt done in a month. Have fun!

  2. $46,000??!! What does he need, a new sports car?